Discover, track, share and experience Tv Shows at a whole new level.



  • Search and discover Tv Shows from one of the largest Internet shows databases.
  • Recall classic shows from years ago.
  • Keep up to date with the top 50 tv shows around the world. Never miss a popular tv show again.


  • Get current status of any show.
  • Learn plenty of show seasons and episodes details (guest stars, writers, directors, dates).
  • Know which actor played every main character.


  • Navigate through tons of pictures from your favorite Tv Shows. And download them.
  • Watch most relevant related Youtube videos.


  • Get a global calendar view of upcoming episodes.
  • Track those already-seen episodes and avoid watching them again by mistake.
  • Get a glimpse of the following two weeks of episodes so as to plan recording and watching sessions.
  • List all your pending, unwatched episodes right from one place.

One more thing…

  • Share which Tv Shows you like or dislike and which episodes you're currently watching with your friends at Facebook and Twitter.
  • Send us your suggestions or issues right from the app.
  • Automatic and transparent updates of your shows data once a day.
    Or you can stop it and update whenever you feel like it. It's up to you.
  • iCloud synchronization: track your favourite shows and already watched episodes in all the iDevices you want without worries! With Apple's iCloud system, all your information will be stored in the cloud and shared among all your devices automatically. This feature requires iOS 5.0+.
  • Remove advertising banners by using a simple In-App purchase.
  • Frequently asked questions our users have while using iLoveTv.

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Wow i love that app ! Thanks

Mariusz S.

Really great app. Just what I was looking for!

Giulia D.

Best App Ever! It makes watching and planning your Television schedule easy, informative & fun! Thank you so much!

Paul H.

I love this app! It's a great way of keeping track of one's favorite shows.


I have come to love this app a lot. Keep up the good work.


I love iLoveTV. Congrats!

Rafa P.